Haven’t been on here in awhile, but I have some ideas for future posts coming up soon. (Overall tips— since I’m graduating this year, I’ve accumulated quite a bit of them). :) Sorry for my year-long absence.


phammbrenda asked: Hi! I'm officially a Bruin! : )

CONGRATULATIONS! :) You will love it here :)


phammbrenda asked: what classes did you take for the fall quarter and what gpa did you get?

Update: 1/2/2013

Hey phammbrenda! I have all the grades back from my classes. (I did awhile ago but the holiday season got super busy). I got two A’s and one A-. :D Very happy with my grades! This translates to a 3.88 GPA. 

Thanks for asking!


Hey phammbrenda! 

I took two upper division Geography courses (GEOG M106 and GEOG 151) and one lower division (GEOG 7). Grades have not yet been posted yet, but I will update you when I know for sure. Going into the final, I had As in all of my classes, but finals are worth a larger portion than your midterms and other assignments so it’s unclear at this point. :) Thanks for asking! :D Hope your classes went well! :D 

I have been meaning to post I swear!

Hey Guys!

So, I was totally just reminded today by some awesome people that I have sort of been neglecting this blog. :( I have been meaning to post so much more, but I got a nasty bug and the quarter system is REALLY fast. I knew it was going to be fast, but I don’t know if I was quite prepared. BUT this weekend, I am actually going to sit down and write a blog… for realsies because I have a lot of catching up to do since I moved in to my dorm at UCLA.

A LOT of catching up to do.

Time just flies by so fast. So, lesson learned. Quarter systems are super fast and I’m still getting used to it! 

But, I have been blogging for some of my classes. If you wanna check out some of my blogs from my classes that I’ve been taking at UCLA here they are:

Metro Motley L.A. for my cities of social difference class: http://metromotleyla.blogspot.com

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Blog:


But again, I apologize! I will be back on here posting regularly very soon!

BTW! Hope everyone went to the TAP (Transfer Alliance Program) conference today! If so, did you like it? Was it helpful? Did it pump you up for UCLA?!?!?!? It was nice seeing a few of my amazing friends from my community college today :D :D :D

I’ve been officially moved in for about 5 days now. :)

I am working on a post about dorm stuff, moving in, welcome week, etc. Sorry I’m a bit behind, there’s just been so much stuff going on! But I have tons to post! :) I’ve met so many awesome people, figured out where my classes are and omg have to say the food is amazing here at UCLA :D 

Packing your Life Away

It’s really hard. Exciting, but hard. 

More Cute UCLA Stuff— I’m weird I know.. ;)

Okay, so people always make fun of the fact that I wear crocs. But the thing is, they don’t give them a chance! They aren’t those regular crocs that you see people in the malls wearing (which I still think are cute + comfy), but they are ballet flats, ok?! (Here’s a peek, below.) They’re leopardy, sassy, comfortable, & customizable. (Those cupcakes are little pin things that are called Jibbitz and they come in different styles— hence the cupcakes.)

Haha now that I’ve defended my fashion sense (not that I need to, I don’t really care about what other people think about what I wear :P), I need to explain why I am talking about it in the context of this UCLA blog. I’m obsessed with Jibbitz. And right now when my face is hurting from getting my wisdom teeth extracted this morning, they bring me joy. I found these cute UCLA Jibbitz at a cool store in Newport and they were on megasale— 5 for $1. I looked up on the Jibbitz store too for these ucla Jibbitz and apparently they are still available, but will be discontinued soon. Each are $0.98 cents!!! So, if you’re like me and you’re going to UCLA and have crocs, they’re a super cute addition to your possible Jibbitz collection :D Check out mine below! I’m wearing them during move in week :D :D :D

Anywho, sorry for my long post about these ucla croc jibbitz, just thought they were cute.  :)


First VLOG! :) Telling you guys what I’m workin’ on next (dorm/college supplies) :D

@blackknight7289 omg yes! It’s so hard hahah I’ve been doing so much laundry and trying to launder all the new sheets I got. Also, I always feel like I’m overpacking!!

Tips for any UCLA transfer hopeful… or any UC hopeful for that matter!

I got the idea for a transfer tips page from a question someone gave me! Thanks so much for asking, if you have any questions about my tips, please feel free to ask away!

The biggest tip I can give you is to visit your transfer center (if you have one) because they will have the BEST & MOST resources. Visit them a lot. A lot a lot. I would go multiple times each semester. Also, visit your academic counselors. I visited mine at least 3 times a semester. They will help you stay on track.

1) Look for TAG agreements (For all other UCs except UCLA & UCB— You can’t get a TAG for UCLA or UCB). If you know there is one UC you really want to go to, look into any TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) programs offered at your community college. The requirements keep changing and everything, but as of last year, as long as you met their requirements you could be guaranteed to ONE of the UCs of your choice. The TAG program doesn’t always work for every major, but it works for most. Try to talk to your counselor about doing this, that way— you can sort of pick and choose which UC you would like to have as a guaranteed school you can get into. Keep in mind that UCLA and Berkeley do not have TAGs though.

2) For UCLA: Look/Participate in the TAP program. For UCLA specifically, look into the TAP (Transfer Alliance Program). For my community college, completing TAP meant finishing the honors program at my cc. In doing so, I got priority admission into UCLA and also was given the option of putting an alternative major on my application. This is also cool (speaking from experience) because I got additional scholarship opportunities. Also, I think it’s helpful if you want to get into the UCLA College Honors. You should definitely see if you are eligible for the TAP program at your community college. They don’t offer it for all majors, but it is SUPER helpful if you can do this. (Please don’t lose hope though if you can’t, i.e. your specific major doesn’t accept TAP or something, because I know people who got into UCLA without TAP). 

3) Just get your math/writing classes done. Make sure you take care of your transferrable math/writing requirements early. Seriously, it’s so great to get these out of the way. You don’t have to worry, plus these are usually the first classes to fill up. So the sooner you can get them done, the better. You don’t want to be stressing the last semester you are at your CC if you just get them completed. 

4) Seriously, complete your TRANSFERRABLE units. Make sure you get your 60 transferrable units. SERIOUSLY. It’s mega important, the UCs won’t accept you, even if you’re a unit shy if you don’t have these 60 units.

5) IGETC- it’s awesome! Try to get your IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) finished and out of the way. My course planning at UCLA went super smoothly because my IGETC was completely finished. I didn’t have to worry about lower division general education requirements. This was REALLY great. So seriously, try to finish your IGETC. Also, choosing classes from the IGETC list ensures that those classes are transferrable to the UCs and just makes choosing what to take a lot easier and more organized. 

6) Join your CC’s Honors Program. If you have an honors program at your CC, join it. (This is probably already included if you do TAP, but I just thought I would mention it.) Your honors program might have certain perks, like priority registration, scholarship opportunities, undergraduate research opportunities, university library access etc. 

7) Research. See if you can get involved in undergraduate research. I was really lucky when I first started going to my CC, I had an amazing professor who was really active in running the honors program and she really encouraged her students and the honors program students to get engaged in local research conferences. I never did anything like that before, but it was great experience as far as research goes and it made me become a better writer. Specifically, I presented at community college undergrad focused research conferences. Our community college went to both HTCC (Honors Transfer Council of California Conference) at UCI (Here’s a link: http://www.honorstcc.org/) and SCCUR (Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research) (Here’s a link: http://www.sccur.org/). I had one of my abstracts published and it really inspired me to continue research in the future—- especially at UCLA! Also, some of these conferences have special transfer agreements with certain universities, as well as scholarship money that can be won by participating in the conferences! (Like HTCC has special agreements with UCI and other universities- a cool perk.)

8) Get involved in clubs, organizations, volunteer stuff, etc. I know that it’s harder at a CC to get involved on campus, because your community college might not have as much clubs, etc. as a 4-year university. However, if you try hard enough, you’ll be able to find something to get involved with. If there is something you really want to do, but it isn’t available, I’d really encourage you to start it yourself. I started a club at my CC and although it was really hard work, it allowed me to meet other people at my CC, gain some leadership experience, do great volunteer work, get closer to my department faculty, as well as gave me something cool and unique to write about in my personal statements.

9) Study, a lot. I know a lot of people who really didn’t take their classes seriously. I’m not sure why, but they got it in their head that they didn’t need to try hard because their classes weren’t hard or something. Well, turns out they were- and those that didn’t take the classes seriously got pretty bad—if not failing grades. Just make sure you put in the effort your need to get the grade you want and to make sure you get the most learning out of those classes. The transferrable classes are seriously the equivalent of the classes (and will articulate as so) at your UC. You also want to make sure that once you actually get to UCLA or whichever university you are going to that you are academically prepared. I think the only way to make sure of that is to take your classes seriously, study lots and retain the info. :D Push yourself too.

10) Keep your eye on the prize. I know it’s a little frustrating when all of your friends are going to away to college and maybe you’re still at home with your parents. I felt a little discouraged at times. But, just remember, every day, every test, every class you finish, you’re one step closer to graduating and transferring. And you gotta keep your motivation high to do well. In order to keep me excited about transferring, I would visit my transfer center, go on university tours and followed UCLA and other UCs on twitter and facebook, etc. I tried to visit the campus and start reading up on what it would be like to go there. Sometimes this can be the hardest thing to do. When people are out partying and/or skipping classes, maybe you wanna hang out with them too. But, it’s a lot easier to get good grades and stay focused if you just avoid it. Sorry to sound like a mom here :P but seriously it’s true. Also using rate my professors (that professor review website) was really great because I chose teachers that were consistently rated as being very passionate and engaged in their field. It’s way easier to get involved in a subject when your professors really care about teaching you!

11) If you need to, petition for classes. Especially right now, a lot of community college classes are impacted. There are too little spaces for too many students. Don’t be afraid to petition. Also, try to e-mail your professor in advanced too if the class is filled and see if there is a waiting list. But, don’t be afraid to try, I’ve seen many people get classes this way. Also, if you need to just take units- just search for open classes that will fulfill transferrable units and igetc requirements. That’s what I did my first semester. I took anything that would fulfill my igetc (and also transfer to a UC) until I got into my cc honors program (which came with priority registration). It was a great way of just getting some GEs out of the way— and I actually got classes!

12) Stay on top of drop dates. I decided within the drop dates if I wanted to take a particular class. It’s not really that great to have a bunch of “W”s on your transcript (stands for Withdrawals), so make sure if you want to drop to TRY to drop before it shows up on your transcript. It’s also nice to drop on the date where you can actually get a refund back too. 

If I think of any more tips, I will do an update but I hope you all found this useful! :D :D :D

Thanks for reading.


Room/Roommate Situation

So, while I was in hawaii I got my room/roommate notification. 

I’ll be in Delta Terrace this year :) Also, I called my roommate and left an overly eager message haha!

So excited & so jetlagged, all at the same time. I promise to post more soon.